#2 A Gift of 10 Rupees

Have you received money from your relatives? as a gift.

If you get a chance to get the gift of your interest, would you suggest?

Or demand something?

I’m asking this question because relatives follow traditions (they are not wrong), but something they’re missing.

What is that?

I love my relatives.

A relative is a person who’s looking to make someone his or her relative.

Two Indian relatives, sitting together, gossip about the third relative.

Who has, recently, purchased a costly product (bike, car or cooler etc.) or sent his children to an English medium school.

My relatives are the people with whom I can join to spent my holidays or celebrate marriages & festivals.

I want to improve the relations inside my family and between our relatives and society.

Collecting pocket money

I remember my childhood for being involved in various activities.

I was a simple, obedient and “fun adventure lover” child.

Do you know How I collected my pocket money?

  • My parents fulfilled my needs. But they prioritise “ quality education” over anything else.
  • My relative is my second source of pocket money.
  • I and my friends used to perform several tasks (“the adventures”). For example, collecting forest products and selling them to the local shopkeeper.

I was impatient to spend and never counted my net worth (pocket money) at that time. I loved chocolates, toffee, biscuits and all “sweet” food.

Importance of 10 rupees

At present, ₹10 equals $0.135. You can understand, a decade back it would have less.

Whereas, an average American professional counts in thousand dollars, it would be hundreds in the case of an average Indian professional.

I’m 2001 born, so I exchanged rupees one, two, five and ten sometimes while buying the products of my need.

Coin of one and two rupees are common, special five rupee coin and ten-rupee note was “the standard”.

It depends on individual choice if you’re going to buy toffees of one to two rupees or a notebook for rupees ten.

I’m grown up now.

I was very excited when I became 18, my excitement will get double when I will be 21 years old this year.

However, this growth is limited to age. I have no significant skills or real experience to get a job or be employed (we’ll discuss it in another post).

I want to be a lifelong blogger — writing blogs on a personal blog and other platforms — earning a living and “creating masterpieces”.

Joining the civil services of my country is my main goal (qualifying for the toughest exam).

In case I failed or am not satisfied — I will go on my own path (Ekla chalo re) — to help people and improve their lives.

Summing up all…

So dear relatives and people,

I don’t need 10 rupees because I don’t buy chocolates now.

The need is bigger —

  • get better understandings,
  • gain essential skills,
  • develop perspectives and
  • benefit from real experiences etc.,

to communicate with the common lives on the root level and contribute.

Please don’t offer me 10 rupees.

© Lokesh Sastya

#1 Restarting My Blogging Journey

Hello friends, How are you?

I am Lokesh Sastya, a 20-year-old – History undergraduate student and a curious blogger from India.

I am restarting my WordPress journey.

1. I love for writing. Therefore, what I write matters to me.

2. Also, I enjoy having an amazing companionship of the wordpress bloggers.

I have an only reason to blog, that’s, to express myself.

I feel better after writing my puzzling thoughts on a clear plane surface (usually a paper or a blog).

It provides me important insights which I may not be aware of.

Join me on Instagram at @lokesh.sastya. You’ll find new post updates and some interesting adventures there.

Congratulations on the new year 2022! I wish you a happy, creative and prosperous life.

Thank you for reading the post.

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